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What is the MANAGEMENT of your home?

As shown in the diagram above, the management of your property consists in delegating to us the administrative tasks related to the rental of your accommodation, from installing tenants to the payment of the rents, including monitoring the condition of the accommodation.

First of all, our team takes care of the RENTAL of your property.

This service saves you considerable time (taking photos, advertising, receiving calls, selecting candidates, doing visits, suggesting you the best profiles for validation, editing lease and inventory, signing lease and ensuring installation of tenants ...).

In addition, your property will benefit from greater visibility, through the scope of the agency's network, especially by its publication on all of our partner websites (Leboncoin, Logic-Immo, Bien’ici and Seloger).

Finally, collaborating with our agency guarantees legal security to owners and tenants, since all our documents come from the SNPI (First French Real Estate Union).

These various points, which ensure the safety and efficiency of our services, also allow us to quickly install tenants in your accommodation, guaranteeing you a low turnover of tenants.

Following the establishment of a tenant, our team handles the RENTAL MANAGEMENT of your accommodation, ensuring the smooth running of its rental, from payment of rents to works management, including support for tenants in their different requests. You can also access all of these documents in digitized format by logging into the agency's extranet.

In order to avoid payment delays, we systematically set up the payment of rents by direct debit, on the 5th, 10th or 15th of the month as needed. Likewise, we suggest that you take out unpaid rent guarantee insurance, in order to be certain of receiving your rent, even if your tenant has difficulty paying them.

If an expensive repair is necessary, we submit several estimates to you in order to act quickly following your validation.

In addition, with a dispute rate of less than 2% and an occupancy rate of 98% of properties we manage, the Lepercq agency guarantees the rental security of your property.

Finally, as soon as the tenants' notice is given, we start the search of future tenants and provide visits, in order to avoid vacancies between two tenants.


The installation of a tenant is charged 80% of a month's rent to the owner.

If the tenant settled in your accommodation by the agency stays less than a year, we will not charge the installation of the next tenant.

The cost of rental management is 7% excluding taxes of each rent for a monthly package, or 6% excluding taxes of each rent a quarterly package.

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